Deflection Compensation Holder

Specific Press Brake Dies provides Standard Style (American,) European-style and custom configured press brake tooling with a difference... high precision at reasonable prices.

To exceed our customers' expectations for value, we look to manufacturing processes - our own as well as those of our customers - with a commitment to making both as productive as possible.

Take our 42' planer for example. It is the industry's largest, providing Specific with increased levels of accuracy and output. It's that kind of productivity, plus applications expertise, knowledge of materials, and uncompromising quality control that enable us to provide optimum new tooling value to our customers.

And, Specific services and programs such as Die Refurbishing, Contour Modification and Segment Programs -- plus proprietary accessories like our Ø-DFLX Compensation Holder and SAFE-SERT Retrofit Safety Tongue Inserts -- enable our customers to make the most of their investment in existing tooling. Random drop packages are also offered.

We invite you to review this website. To discuss your particular application, or for an estimate, please contact Specific Press Brake Dies at 708.478.1776 or email We'll work closely with you and do everything we can to make it affordable to...