This high-precision fixture features:

  • Easy, Single central point adjustment
  • Independent adjustment thru entire length of the die
  • Eliminates shimming
  • Integrated, aperture read-out gauge
  • Top-cap eliminates infiltration of abrasive particles when running materials that generate slag, galvanic debris, etc.
  • Requires virtually no training
  • Low-profile design consumes minimal die "open space”
  • Helps ensure constant, accurate angle bending for the highest quality production


We all know and understand the problems that occur with forming on a press brake. The main concern is the compensation of deflection which jeopardizes the end result of your forming standards. Specific has developed a solution to this problem. The Ø-DFLX Series II compensation holder is a precision adjustment device that not only compensates for crowning at a single central point, but takes advantage of our patented dual-wedge design allowing for independent adjustment at every 8 inches to compensate for inconsistencies in the press, worn tooling, or to aid in side by side staged applications.

Fast, easy, accurate crowning adjustment over the full length of the die. Makes set-up quick and flexible - helps profitability meet the demands of today's sheet metal industry. The need to manufacture in a variety of dimensions, bent angles, materials, thicknesses and detail geometry.

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